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How To Iron EasyWeed™ Foil to a Backpack

College offers tons of options when it comes to ways to meet people while pursuing a passion. From sports to political clubs and everything in between, there’s something for everyone. One of the most common and oldest ways of meeting new people on campus is joining a sorority or fraternity. Finding, choosing, and being accepted into the right Greek organization for you is a process that ultimately leads to many new “sisters” or “brothers” and some serious house pride. It’s only natural to want to display your Greek letters everywhere you can! With Siser heat transfer vinyl it’s easy to decorate thousands of items. Having trouble thinking of a few? Check out our handy dandy list of 100 items that can be heat applied in our previous posts here and here. Backpacks are included on that list! Read on to learn how to create your very own sorority backpack.

This design was super easy to create. All I needed was a clip art anchor which I traced into Silhouette Studio. The Greek letters can be found in the pre-loaded “Symbol” font, and the established date can be any font you like! A sorority backpack doesn’t have to be incredibly intricate. Sometimes simple designs make the greatest impact.Delta Gamma sorority design in Silhouette Studio

Remember to mirror your image by either right clicking and selecting “Flip Horizontally” or navigating to the “Replicate” window and choosing “Mirror Right.” Delete the extra copy you now have and set up your Cut Settings. I cut EasyWeed™ Foil on “Heat Transfer Vinyl: Smooth” with the blade exposed to 2, speed set to 8, and thickness set to 4. Make sure to do a test cut before cutting your whole design.

It’s easy to tell which side goes down with EasyWeed™ Foil. Check out that awesome mirror
finish on the face of the material! The back of the material is duller and will be the side exposed for cutting. Load the mat into the Silhouette Cameo and select “Send to Silhouette.”

Placing EasyWeed™ Foil on the Silhouette cutting mat

Weeding Siser EasyWeed™ Foil

Use your Siser Weeder to remove the vinyl that is not a part of the design.

A heat transfer pillow supports EasyWeed™ Foil on the pocketUsing an iron for heat application is actually easier than a heat press for this sorority backpack. The faux leather straps would undoubtedly be ruined by the heat of the press, but an iron allows me to heat apply EasyWeed™ Foil to the pocket without touching the straps. As an added precaution though I slipped a heat transfer pillow into the pocket to lift it above the straps and create a flat even surface.

Set your iron between the Cotton and Linen setting and let it heat up fully. Place a heat transfer cover sheet over the design and press firmly for 15 seconds. Wait a few seconds until the carrier sheet has cooled slightly and peel it off while it’s still warm. If any of the material lifts with the carrier sheet, replace the carrier sheet and heat apply again in increments of 5-10 seconds.

Ironing EasyWeed™ Foil to a sorority backpack

Peeling the carrier sheet from EasyWeed™ Foil


Now here’s a backpack any Delta Gamma could be proud of! A cute, custom backpack is just the way to start out the new school year. Your sorority could even get together and craft a whole bunch of backpacks for your house! A custom Delta Gamma sorority backpack

We’re gathering lots of great craft ideas on Pinterest. Check out Go Greek in HTV for more Sorority and Fraternity fun!
Lily Campau

Calling all Greeks! Looking for way to add your House letters to almost any fabric? Try Siser heat transfer vinyl! Check out our latest blog post where we put the Delta Gamma logo in gold foil on a backpack. Siser HTV can be ironed on to almost any fabric and comes in tons of colors and finishes for a perfect embellishment! EasyWeed Foil is the prettiest gold metallic foil AND you can put it all over your backpack, clothes, and almost anything else! Check out the blog for specific application instructions and tips and tricks for how to iron Siser EasyWeed Foil to a backpack!


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Lily Campau is new to the Heat Transfer Vinyl industry, but she’s always been a crafter who enjoys a wide variety of projects. Her particular passions lie in knitting, sewing, and upcycling home décor. Lily is looking forward to all the vinyl projects to come!


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