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Lily Campau is new to the Heat Transfer Vinyl industry, but she’s always been a crafter who enjoys a wide variety of projects. Her particular passions lie in knitting, sewing, and upcycling home décor. Lily is looking forward to all the vinyl projects to come!


  1. Hi Lily!

    Another great post. I will be decorating the same garment but in a different color. Would you recommend Siser Stretch, or will EasyWeed also be effective for decorating this style?

    Keep up the great work,

    • Hello Keith!

      Both materials will do the job well. It just depends on your preference. EasyWeed™ Stretch will be the most lightweight on the garment. It also has a matte finish which makes it a bit softer than regular EasyWeed™. EasyWeed™ has a semigloss finish that creates a different visual. My personal preference is Stretch, but both will work wonderfully!

      Thanks for reading!

      • Thanks Lily!

        So you’re saying it’s more of a look and feel preference rather than the stretch being able to move and stretch better with the polyester fabric.

        I’ve seen videos where EasyWeed was used on a dri-fit shirt and I would have thought the stretch would be ideal for the fabric.

        • I just wanted to emphasize the physical differences between EasyWeed™ and EasyWeed™ Stretch to ensure you achieve the style you’re going for. You’re correct though, Stretch will move and stretch better with the fabric. It’s the most lightweight and has the best stretch and rebound of all Siser HTV!

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